Trail review, Świeradów Zdrój / Singletrek pod Smrkiem

This was my first bikepark visit and I must say it was pretty amazing. Flowy trails, very well structured and good selection of difficulties for an intermediate-beginner I am.

It was raining roughly fifty percent of the time, but the tracks held up well, with some puddles forming on the straights but never really on the bends.

What I would like to see more is some profiling of the bends to allow for more agressive turning into the corners, I thought like that was one of the more limiting factors. And I’m not the biggest fan of riding through narrow tree gaps on some of the trails. If only these trees could be a bit wider.

The views are outstanding, the the ballance between pedalling up and riding down is spot on for me, though some less practiced riders might feel that the ups are too harsh for their legs.

Next time I’m there, I need to check out the outer trails, both on the Czech side (the black one) and on the Polish side.

The bike

This was the first time I took my newly bought Kross Soil Ex into the mountains and it held up amazingly well. The shock settings I came up with standing by the wall were spot on, if not a bit too harsh for the moderate trails in Świeradów. I never bottomed out either of the shocks, but the ride wasn’t hard on my wrists either. I might need to speed up the rebound on the front shock by a click or two though.

Summing up

It was an amzing experience for a first trail park I’ve been to and I will definitely come visit this and other trail parks many times in the future. Already have plans for a visit in two weeks.